ARCHAEOLOGY: Icons of Faith

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ARCHAEOLOGY: Icons of Faith
Location: Ellevar
Path: Scientist
Type: Archaeology Archaeology
Path XP: 25 XP

ARCHAEOLOGY: Icons of Faith is a scientist archaeology mission in Ellevar.


Investigate Lightreach Mission in Ellevar

Each carved monument, every block of crumbled stone, has a tale to tell. You will have to closely examine the structures and foundations of Lightreach Mission in order to unlock its secrets.


After a thorough investigation it becomes clear that Lightreach Mission has been built upon the remains of an ancient Pell burial site. What, if any, ramifications this may have to current efforts in the area is unknown.


After completing the mission, the player receives a mail with 3 UI CRB Coin Silver.png attached.

The Lightreach Mission appreciates your interest in the history of our prosporous community! Your research on the Pell artifacts you have found beneath our structures has been recorded. For your efforts, you shall be rewarded! Continue to follow and preach the core virtues of the Vigilant Church.
~ "Let the Light Shine Upon You, Scientist!" - Corbus Fleming

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