A Spirited Eve

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A Spirited Eve
Location: Shade's Eve (Illium)
Part of: Shade's Eve tasks
Level: 12 (1)
Start: Professor Ecto
End: Professor Ecto
1 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 21 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
5 Shade Silver

A Spirited Eve is a Dominion Shade's Eve quest. It is obtained in Illium by speaking with Professor Ecto in the Parade Grounds.


Professor Ecto, a specialist in supernatural events, has hired you to investigate reports of "hauntings" around the Luminous Gardens. You agreed to take a look at the locations he marked in your datachron.


More info

What will I be looking for?
Updated your datachron to show projection of reported hauntings. Look at hologram. In real world, will be much bigger. Now go!

What do I do when I find one?
Just investigate them and look for ghosts! So simple, even you can do it!

Are these real ghosts?
They had better be, otherwise time is wasted! Some people just stupid, scare easily!

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