Advanced Combat Training

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Advanced Combat Training
Location: The Destiny
Part of: Holographic Havoc
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Quest Progression
Previous: Broadcast Ready
Next: (Un)Safety Protocols

Advanced Combat Training is a Dominion quest. It is obtained on The Destiny by speaking with Emperor Myrcalus via Datachron.


Following your work for Artemis Zin in the Imperial Museum, Emperor Myrcalus has sent you to meet Kezrek Warbringer in the Destiny's holochambers. Kezrek will test your strength, ensuring you are well-acquainted with virtual combat... as well as the Exiles themselves.


  • Take a teleporter to the Destiny's Holochambers
  • Equip the shield you just received by opening the inventory menu at the top of your screen and right-clicking on your new shield.
  • Speak to Kezrek Warbringer in the Destiny's Holochambers

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Episode progression

  1. Advanced Combat Training
  2. (Un)Safety Protocols
  3. Busting Skulls, Burning Trees
  4. Breaking the Stonebreaker
  5. The Emperor