Algoroc Path Missions

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Path Missions

The following path missions are available in Algoroc.


Settler Missions



Soldier Missions



Scientist Missions



Explorer Missions




A Loftite Landscape
Location - (3388,-3954)
Nice work, Explorer. There are a lot of Exile pioneers who will come to Algoroc. Having an accurate map will keep them safe.

Gather's Mining Outlook
Location - (3261,-4165)
Nicely done, Explorer. With this map data, future prospectors will be able to stake their claims.

Gallow Fields
Location - (3835, -3947)
Good work, Explorer. Mapping mountainous territory is dangerous work, but it's necessary if we're going to make this planet out own.

Surveillance icon.png


Demonclaw Pass
Location - (2597, -3794)
Telemetry from the beacon has prevented Dominion incursions in that valley. Good work!

Crowe Family Prospect
Location - (3994, -4801)
Impressive work. The local judges will put this transmitter to good use. I'm certain justice will be served.

XAS Excavation Site
Location - (4531, -3565)
Great work, Explorer. That transmitter will help us keep watch over the area.



Hidden in the Grotto
Explore a cave, but be wary of it's inhabitants
Entrance is at (3164, –4770), which is in Coldwater Gulch.
What a fascinating place you've discovered. You can exit the way you came in when you're ready.

Operations icon.png


Rockridge Recovery
Find the bodies of the 4 dead NPC explorers and burn them. Investigating any one body will start the quest to find the others.
Location A - (3525, -3091)
Location B - (3438, -3241)
Location C - (3387, -3280)
Location D - (3347, -3231)
This incident just goes to show that not everyone is cut out to be an Explorer. Fortunately, you are.

Scavenger Hunt icon.png

Scavenger Hunt

Scouring Tremor Ridge
<Optional> Talk to Explorer Rokgore in Tremor Ridge
Piece 1: This piece of relic was last seen in the possession of a Deadstar Marauder
Location - (3091, -4340) Kill any Marauder nearby for the drop.
Piece 2: This piece of the relic was said to have been encased in ice on the northern side of Coldwater Gulch
Location - (3020, -5051) Dig.
Piece 3: This piece of relic was said to have been buried near exposed loftite in the Crystal Shards
Location - (3461, -4173) Dig.
Well done. That relic might turn out to be very helpful for the Exiles.

Hunt for Gallow's Lost Relic
<Optional> Talk to Explorer Cawley in Gallow
Piece 1: This relic fragment was rumored to be in the possession of the Skeech in Duskfall Caverns
In Duskfall Caverns (within Gallow Fields), travel to the North & Western room. Kill Skeetch in the center for the drop.
Piece 2: This piece of the relic was said to have been hidden inside a slush crate at the Crowe Family
Location - (4085, -4504) Look for chests nearby.
Piece 3: This piece of relic was said to have been buried among the tree stumps near Grim’s Lumber Mill
Location - (4366,-3425) Dig.
Good work. Assembling that relic could reveal many Eldan secrets!

Uncovering the Past
<Optional> Talk to Explorer Duskrunner in Excavation Base Camp
Piece 1: This fragment was reported to be buried near a canimid burrow in the south side of the dig
Location - (4588, -3885) Dig.
Piece 2: An XAS scientist in the northern half of the dig site secured this fragment in a crate before being augmented
Location - (4686, –4296) Look for chests nearby.
Thanks for recovering the fragments of the artifact. The last thing we need is a bunch of upset scientists

Tracking icon.png


Gravitic Anomaly
Head to the start position (4257, -4370) and press start on your datachron.
There is an orb that will spawn and you will need to follow it's winding path to the finish position (4273, -3984).
Collect 4 of 4 orbs dropped while it travels.
Stay within 60m of it or you will need to start again.
The final portion of the path is vertical. Time your jumps to stay within range.
Interesting! The anomaly was caused by the discharge from a damaged Eldan probe.

Staking Claim icon.png

Staking Claim

Locate and Stake sixteen claims
Location 01 - (3694, -4820) Loftite Cliffs
Location 02 - (3074, -5083) Coldwater Gulch
Location 03 - (3261, -4165) Ganther's Claim
Location 04 - (3642, -3952) Jeric's Claim
Location 05 - (3684, -4015) Jeric's Claim
Location 06 - (3280, -3785) Demonclaw Pass
Location 07 - (3793, -4045) Gallow Fields
Location 08 - (3946, -3745) Kain's Landing (or Grimstone Pass)
Location 09 - (4320, -4502) Crowe Family Homestead
Location 10 - (4003, -4598) Crowe Family Homestead
Location 11 - (4237, -4753) Crowe Family Homestead
Location 12 - (4202, -3587) Grimstone Pass
Location 13 - (4566, -3378) Grim Lumber Mill
Location 14 - (4241, -3213) Grim Lumber Mill (Entrance to sink hole)
Location 15 - (4410, -3649) Annihilator Silo 14
Location 16 - (4774, -3907) Annihilator Silo 14
Impressive work, Explorer. Algoroc might be wild and rugged country, but we're exiles, and we're going to make it our home.

Expedition icon.png


Reveal the entire map
Algoroc is a diverse land with snow-covered peaks, floating crystals, and a giant robot.