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The ubiquitous Nexus bingberry is a fruit farmed extensively by both Exile and Dominion farmers. Primarily pollinated by large insects known as buzzbings, bingberry trees can grow in a wide variety of soils and climates and were found growing wild by the first settlers to arrive - hungry settlers who found the towering trees easy to pick, plant, and harvest. Bingberries are used as an ingredient in jams, liquor, sweeteners, and bio-weapons. They are considered rather large, for berries.


Bingberry trees are easy to grow and maintain - but seem to have originally been farmed by giants. The bingberry itself grows at the tops of the fast-growing plants, and most sentient species require assistance to actually bring in the harvest. Rather than use disruptive, potentially polluting technology, most bingberry farms employ simple anti-grav technology to allow farmhands to reach the delicious fruits of their labors.


Bingberry liquor is a commonly imbibed intoxicant for the common people of Nexus, from lowborn Cassians to low-ranking Granok mercs. Bingberries can grow almost anywhere, and ordinary bingberry liquor is cheap to produce - indeed, many cultures brew or distill their own varieties. Masterfully created bingberry liqueurs are generally much more expensive, and tend to be found in the liquor cabinets of only the most noble or wealthy personages.