Blade-Wind the Invoker

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Blade-Wind the Invoker
Blade-Wind the Invoker
Gender Male
Level 20 Prime
Health 117,600
Location Stormtalon's Lair
Status Killable

Blade-Wind the Invoker is the first encounter in the dungeon Stormtalon's Lair.


Blade-Wind the Invoker is an objective of the event quest The Birth of a Corrupted God.


  • Thunder Cross - A large cross-shaped telegraph centered on him that knocks back and deals heavy damage.
  • Lightning Strike - Targets a random player and follows them until the cast is finished (2s). Lightning strikes the spot where the cast finished after 1.5s.
  • Static Wisps - Clouds of electricity that circle through the room and stun and deal damage.
  • Electrostatic Pulse - An AOE that covers the entire room except for a few safe zones.

Thundercall Channeler


Phase one

Phase two

Phase three

Veteran mode


Starting combat

  • Blade-Wind the Invoker: Witness the power that I have been granted!


Normal mode

Veteran mode