Blue Horizon Museum

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The Exiles keep many of their most fascinating relics in Dorian Walker's Blue Horizon - itself a museum piece and an important piece of Nexus history. Many of these artifacts were discovered by Walker himself, though other came to the museum through his Explorers Union associates.

Welcome aboard the Blue Horizon, boys and girls. Please no active-scan holography, no touching the artifacts, and most of all, hands off the helm! Ha! Just kiddin', friends. This here's a hands-on kinda place. This ship got me everywhere in the whole blasted galaxy, but she deserves a permanent rest here on Nexus, so I told the Explorers Union they could keep some old relics and suchlike here. And I reckon any interested Exiles who want to know what kinda things they'll find out there should come and take a look. Come on board and explore the Blue Horizon Museum. Maybe you'll learn somethin', hotshot!

--Holo-Greeting from Dorian Walker

Eldan Prismatic Lens

This focusing lens for a powerful Eldan weapon has been forged from an alloy that appears to combine several different extremely rare primal elements into a layered curved, dish. Elements of loftite, exanite, ultimite, hydricite, and others can all be distinguished within the microthin sheets of crystal which make up its surface.

I hope I mentioned to that curator or whoever he was that this lens should be stored someplace with relatively dim lightin'. Otherwise a stray beam'a light through the thing might burn a hole through the hull. Or some tourist. Then again, might not. It's Eldan. Who really knows how they worked, buttercup?

--Dorian Walker