Bosun Octog

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Bosun Octog
Bosun Octog
Level 35 Prime
Health 327,000
Location Skullcano

Bosun Octog is the third encounter in the dungeon Skullcano.


Bosun Octog is an objective of the event quest No Merrier Place than Hell.


  • Hookshot -
  • Ink Shield -
  • Noxious Ink -
  • Shred -


  • Aerial Bombardment -


Phase one

Phase two

After going under 70%, Bosun Octog will start casting Ink Shield.


Starting combat

  • Bosun Octog: Ready yerself t'be boarded, y'scurvy dogs! Octog be here!

Ink Shield

  • Bosun Octog: Har, ye'll be lovin' this next part, so y'will.

Noxious Ink

  • Bosun Octog: A gift from me t'ye - 'tis filled with inky goodness!
  • Bosun Octog: Har, I've put me mark on ye, so I have.
  • Bosun Octog: Yer gonna regret the day ye challenged Bosun Octog!

Razooki add

  • Bosun Octog: Redmoon Terror, do you copy? Send in Razooki.
  • Bosun Octog: Time t'rain death from above, Scabbo!
  • Bosun Octog: Har! Razooki's a razortail with spirit so he is!


  • Bosun Octog: Gyarr! Get yer carcass o'er here!


  • Bosun Octog: Listen t'me when I'm spikin' ya, y'scallywag!
  • Bosun Octog: Yo, ho, har! A pirate's death for you!


  • Bosun Octog: Tell Scabbo... I'll never love another...


Normal mode

Veteran mode