CACHE: Commandeering Contraband

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CACHE: Commandeering Contraband
Location: Auroria
Path: Settler
Type: Cache Cache
Path XP: 25 XP

CACHE: Commandeering Contraband is a settler cache mission in Auroria.


Locate and appropriate Contraband from in and around Hycrest

The ICI has contracted the Settlement Authority to locate and remove contraband from around the Hycrest area.


  • Vandarin Orchard under the water tower at (-2565.92 -1452.21)
  • Hycrest under the bridge north of the taxi at (-2509.75 -2047.13)
  • Hycrest north of the barracks at (-2367.59 -2064.54)
  • Casca Farmstead next to the house at (-2052.34 -1757.69)
  • Greystone Hill next to the water tower at (-2467.08 -821.35)
  • Greystone Hill in the northwest corner by the abandoned ship at (-2556.65 -1093.57)
  • Grimsworth Downs behind the southwestern barn at (-2531.68 -1176.54)


The ICI has commended you on the proficient execution of contraband removal from Hycrest.

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