CIVIL SERVICE: Pioneers and Prospectors

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CIVIL SERVICE: Pioneers and Prospectors
Location: Algoroc
Path: Settler
Type: Civil Service Civil Service
Path XP: 25 XP
Title: Tremor Ridge Runner

Pioneers and Prospectors is a settler civil service mission.


Assist the Exiles by helping Tremor Ridge, Coldwater Gulch, and Pikefall

There's work to do around here, and many folks need you, Settler.


  • Build up the town with more amenities
  • Provide assistance in Goldwater Gulch
  • Help build up a Guard Post near the Deadstar
  • Pressure the Dominion in Crystal Shards
  • Assess the situation and bring aid to Jeric's Claim
  • Respond to the Pikefall Expedition calls for assistance in Demonclaw Pass


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