Calidor Antevian

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Calidor Antevian
Calidor Antevian
Gender Male
Species Cassian
Affiliation The Ascendancy
Former affiliation(s) Vigilant Church
Relative(s) Toric Antevian (brother)

The brother of Dominion military hero Toric Antevian, Calidor Antevian (usually known simply as "Brother Calidor") Was once a fervent, devoted Vigilant missionary who saw the journy to Nexus as a holy pilgrimage to the home of the gods. Not long after arriving on Nexus, a visit to newly discovered ruins exposed him to Eldan augmentation that transformed him into a cybernetic organism. Unlike other creatures altered by this ancient nanotechnology, he found he could control the augmentation - claiming that he can hear the 'voice of the gods' in his mind. Today he leads the pseudo-religious Ascendancy, forcefully converting new members into its flock - and the Vigilant Church that he once served now considers him a dangerous heretic.

Physical description

Before his transformation into the First Ascendant, Brother Calidor was usually seen in public wearing the simple garb of a Vigilant missionary, and he continues to wear similar clothing. Antevian's remaining organic body superficially resembles his brother Toric, with the same dark skin and sharp features, but the Eldan technology suffusing his body is completely unique - and changes over time as he becomes more familiar with the technology that is transforming him.