Called to Stormcaller Landing

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Called to Stormcaller Landing
Location: The Destiny
Part of: The Conquest of Nexus
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Quest Progression
Previous: Mysteries of the Eldan (Optional)
Next: Welcome to Levian Bay

Called to Stormcaller Landing is a Dominion quest. It is obtained on The Destiny by speaking with Axis Pheydra via Datachron.


Axis Pheydra has instructed you to report to Artemis Zin in the Departures Terminal. Lady Zin is preparing to leave for Levian Bay, and your expertise should be a valuable addition to her expedition. Speak to Artemis Zin, then catch your shuttle to Nexus.


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Episode progression

  1. Embarkation
  2. Mysteries of the Eldan (Optional)
  3. Called to Stormcaller Landing