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The Chua are a race of skilled technologists. Highly intelligent, competitive, industrious, and gifted with inherent technological insight, the once-primitive Chua experienced extremely rapid industrial transformation of their civilization thanks to cultural intervention by the Mechari long ago. The Mechari believed the Chua would be a boon to the empire, and time proved them right.

Today the Chua are given much credit for the Dominion's economic strength and the technological prowess of its military. The Chua are now vital to the Dominion's efforts to control the recently discovered Nexus - using their considerable skills and knowledge to exploit the planet's many natural wonders and technological secrets.

Chua Collectives

Chua communities are called collectives. A traditional Chua collective typically contains roughly 30 to 40 adult Chua, and 20 or so apprentices known as minions. A Chua collective is a tight-knit community built around the achievement of common goals - mainly industrial pursuits and technological research. To continue their work and ensure the proper extension of their research, the Chua have developed a system of apprenticeship by which their young are assigned to prominent members of the collective for mentorship (and serve as free minion labor).

Most members of the collective are expected to participate in its defense - with the exception of the overseers and the inventors, who are considered too valuable to lose in battle and are often hidden away in the overseers' residence. When defending the collective, Chua usually use technological items and weaponry, depending more on their brains than their brawn.