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Disambig.png This article is about the plant. For the Scientist mission, see Cinderbloom (mission).

The cinderbloom plant is common to many desert regions of Nexus. It gets its name from the tendency of cinderbloom flowers to erupt into flame when exposed to intense sunlight or heat. Harvested and treated cinderbloom blossoms are used by some primitive cultures like the Dreg as a reliable source of energy and cooking fuel.

Cinderbloom reproduction

The unusual Nexus plant dubbed cinderbloom uses a bizarre form of reproduction involving the power of primal fire to germinate and spread across the surface of the planet's desert expanses. When exposed to intense direct sunlight (or a similarly powerful artificial heat source) the nectar on the cinderbloom's blossoms ignites, burning off the outer layer of the flower, which contains microscopic fertilized seeds that scatter on the wind. Cinderbloom seeds can last a very long time in the desert, and only require a thimbleful of water to begin growing and start the entire process over again.


Scanbot would like to note that this is yet another time that user has ignore scanbot's warranty recommendations regarding exposure to primal power sources, especially primal fire. Scanbot is required to note that scanbot's warranty actually expired long ago, however, and therefor scanbot notes further that user is unlikely to heed further warranty-related warnings.