Citizen's Weekly 22 - A Word with Artemis

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Citizen's Weekly #22 - A Word with Artemis is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Levian Bay.

Lore entry

In this issue of Citizen's Weekly, a special treat - CW reporter Marcus Assellus's exclusive interview with famed highborn explorer Artemis Zin!

Marcus Assellus: Good evening, Lady Zin. It's a pleasure to have you here.

Artemis Zin: Please, call me Artemis.

MA: As you wish, Artemis. Tell me, is there any truth to the rumors that you will be leaving Cassus soon on yet another expedition?

AZ: Oh, yes. I'm quite excited about it, though I can't reveal too much for security reasons. I'm sure you understand.

MA: Completely, my lady. What can you tell my readers about this impending journey?

AZ: As part of a Dominion expedition to an as-of-yet unexplored world, I intend to discover the secrets of the Elder Cube.

MA: I was under the impression that the Elder Cube was a myth. Can you explain?

AZ: I assure you, Marcus. The Elder Cube is quite real.

MA: What is your interest in the Elder Cube, if I might ask?

AZ: That's difficult to quantify. The Elder Cube is the key to all things, you see. It is the embodiment of the depth and breadth of Eldan knowledge. So, in effect, my interest in the Elder Cube is an interest in learning the secrets of the entire universe.

MA: How ambitious!

AZ: You wouldn't be the first to say so! (She laughs merrily.)

MA: Will Kevo be traveling with you?

AZ: Of source. I make it a point not to go anywhere without my faithful Kevo. Isn't that right?

Kevo: Yes, my lady.

MA: When will you be leaving?

AZ: I can't really say.

MA: My readers have sent in a number of questions. Might I ask you one that has, frankly been on my mind since you arrived?

AZ: Oh, certainly.

MA: Allow me to paraphrase. "Dear Lady Zin, is there a special someone in your life? Signed, Brianna S."

AZ: Not at the moment, no. My work keeps me busy, and I'm rarely on Cassus for more than a few weeks at a time. Love is a luxury I have little time for, I'm afraid.

MA: So I have a chance, then?

AZ: Oh, Marcus! You're incorrigible.

MA: Our next question. "Artemis, how did you meet your Draken guardian, Kevo? Signed, Meridius."

AZ: Kevo has long been a member of my household. He has always been there for me, as far back as I can remember, and I owe my life to him several times over. He is the embodiment of Draken strength, ferocity, and dependability.

MA: From the looks of Kevo, it appears as if my time with you is up.

AZ: I'm afraid so. I can't say how much I've enjoyed this, Marcus.

MA: The pleasure was all mine, Lady Zin.


This journal can be found in Zin's Landing next to Technician Frenzi at (-3480.52 -6094.43).