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With the Homecoming update on September 6th 2017 the Communities feature was added to expand on WildStar's housing system.


In order to create or join a Community players must certain critirea, these are as follows:


To create a Community:

  • The character must have access to Housing.
  • A player must have Signature status or have the Full Social Access perk from the Cosmic Rewards program unlocked.
  • The character is not already part of a different Community.

To join an existing Community

  • The character must have access to Housing.
  • The character is not already part of a different Community.


  • To create a community the character creating the Community must have 50 Platinum or 600 Serive Tokens on hand.
  • Joining a Community is free of charge.


Communities can be created by interacting with the Protostar Community Director. The Director can be found at the entrance of the Protostar Housing Initiative in both Thayd and Illium,

Community social aspects

Community map.png

Communites are considered social features and function in a similar fashion to guilds.


The Community skyplot is a massive plot of land in which five actual character plots can be placed. Each plot is marked by distinct borders on the skyplot. It is however possible to build over the edges of the borders to some extend to create smooth transitions.

The owner of each plot is able to edit their own plot within the Community. With the relevant permission it also possible to edit the shared space between the plots which makes it possible to merge the individual plots and the Community area together as one.

Member count

Communties can have as many as 20 members but only 5 member plots can be placed on the Community skyplot at a given time. Members who do not own a slot on Community skyplot retain access to their personal skyplots.

Inviting alts

It is possible to invite alt characters to a Community allowing players to fill up an entire Community with their own characters. Invites send to an alt on the same account will automatically be accepted as long as the alt meets the requirements for joining a Community.

Ranks and Permissions

Similar to guilds a Community has its own Ranks and Permissions. By default there are three ranks, Leader, Council and Member. It is possible to rename exisiting ranks and create new ranks as needed. Each rank also has its own permissions detailing what a member with a certain rank is or isn't allowed to do.

An overview of available permissions can be found below.

Permission Description Notes
Create and Remove Rank Create new ranks or delete existing ones. 1) None of the three default ranks can be deleted.

2) Each rank name has to be unique.

Edit Lower Rank Permissions Change the privileges granted to Community members with a certain rank. Can only be used on ranks that are a lower rank than the rank of the character performing the permission changes.
Change Member Rank Promote or Demote a character, effectively increases or decreasing their rank to the next tier. Can only be used on characters who have a lower rank than the character performing the Promote or Demote action. Promoting a character who has the Council rank will promote that character to the Leader of the Community. The character currently holding the rank of Leader will automatically be demoted by one rank (to Council by default) as there can only be one person with the rank of Leader at a given time.
Invite Ability to Invite a new character to join the Community.
Kick Ability to kick a character to from the Community. Only characters with a lower rank can be kicked.
Member chat Allows characters to use the Community’s private chat channel.
Decorate Community Allows characters to place decor in the Common (shared) area of the Community.
Delete Community Decor Allows players to delete decor from the Shared Crate (this Crate is used for the Common area).
Change Community Remodel Options Allows players to change the Ground, Music and Sky options for the Common area as well as hiding neighboring skyplots and ground clutter in the Common area. Hiding and unhiding Neighboring skyplots is set Community wide through the Remodel options in the Common area. The function is greyed out in seperate house slots. Important to note here is that this is intentional.
Reserve Community Plot Allows players to stake a claim on one of the five slots on the Community in which a player house can be placed. 1) Staking a claim instantly places the plot on the Community and it can’t be removed from the Community until the claim is revoked.

2) It is not possible to stake a claim on a slot while it is being used a different character, even if the use of the slot is temporary.

Remove Community Plot Reservation Revoke an existing reservation of a slot on the Community.

There are also several actions relating to Communities that do not require permissions set in the Community. These are as follows:

  • Players who are members of a Community can always use the “Donate to Community” option found in their personal plot’s Crate menu. More information about this feature can be found below in the chapter Community details (subsection “Shared Crate”).
  • Unlike decorating the Common area the requirements for decorating any of the five plots on the Community requires Roommate status with the owner of the plot using the slot. This option set privately through the Housing menu.
  • It is impossible to decorate the area in which a plot can be placed if nobody is actively using that particular slot.
  • If a slot is available on the Community players who do not have the Reserve Community Plot permission can still temporarily place their plot in an open slot through the Community information panel (found at the top of the screen). The plot will automatically be removed if the character is offline for a prolonged period of time.

Community details

This chapter contains techical details relating to Communties.

Decor counts

The maximum amount of decor that can be placed on a Community depends, in large part, on the characters who have a slot on the Community.

The Community itself has its own crate with 5000 storage capacity, up to 4000 decor from the crate can be placed in the shared area between the character plots. The player plots present on a Community retain their own decor limits (upgradeable by Store purchases) and vary from 500 inside and another 500 outside up to 2500 inside and another 2500 outside. In total the exterior decor count for a Community can be as high as 16.500 decor. The Community itself has no interior and as a result the amount of decor which can be placed in the interiors depends on what the players involved have unlocked as their own decor limits. Collectively the interior decor counts can, theoretically, be up to 12.500 decor. This brings the absolute maximum of possibly placeable decor for a Community to 29.000 decor.

Shared crate

The Community's shared area has its own crate with a storage of 5000. Players can add decor to this crate in two ways.

  1. Buy decor straight from the Housing vendor.
  2. Add decor to their own plot's crate and then use the new Donate to Community button to send decor to the Shared crate. Note that this is a one way street and donated items can not be send back to the donator.

Entry points & Visiting a Community

Communities have a total of six Entry points, these are the landing pads located throughout the Community skyplot. There is one landing pad in the top right corner of each individual plot placed on the Community aswell as a Community wide landing pad located on the west-end of a Community.

In order to visit a Community players can use the list of Public Plots. This list is available at the top of the screen to the left of a Housing plot / Community's name.

The list consists of two section, one is a list of public individual plots, the other a list of public Communities. It is also possible to enter a Community name in the Community section list to visit a specific Community.

Exit teleporters & Renown vendor holograms

There are 5 exit teleporters and 5 renown vendors located throughout each Community. These are located at the landing pads ascociated with the slots in which a player's plot can be placed. Note that the landing pads are also available if none of slots are in use .


Contrary to individual plots the housing plots placed on a Community do not have individual Holo-Crypts. Instead there is a single Holo-Crypt located on the  Community’s landing pad which serves as the Resurrection point for the entire Community.