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Cosmic Reward

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The Cosmic Rewards program is a system where players can level up through Cosmic Tiers by making purchases in the online WildStar Shop, or the in-game store, earning rewards as they go. This includes purchases made before WildStar goes Free-to-Play. Any money spent on WildStar, including on a past or present subscription, goes toward Cosmic Rewards.

Cosmic Points

Main article: Cosmic Point

Cosmic Points are an account-wide currency similar to experience points.


Cosmic Rewards range from account unlocks, to costumes, pets, mounts, and even a new house.

Cosmic Tier 1

800 Cosmic Points 1,600 Cosmic Points 2,400 Cosmic Points 3,200 Cosmic Points 4,000 Cosmic Points
Costume: Full Social Access: Grants full access to social leadership functions for Guilds, Communities, Circles, and Warplots. Wake Here Cooldown Reduction: Reduces the cooldown for Wake Here by 50%. Coordinate Crafting Bonus: Increases the target radius size by 10% for Coordinate crafting. Pet:
Circuit Board Crafting Bonus: Reduces the chance of failure when overcharging during Circuit Board crafting by 10%.

Cosmic Tier 2

1,000 Cosmic Points 2,000 Cosmic Points 3,000 Cosmic Points 4,000 Cosmic Points 5,000 Cosmic Points
Extra Auctions and Bids: Adds an additional 10 auctions and 10 bids to the max allowed for the Auction House. Loot Bag: Rest XP Bonus: Accumulate Rest XP 50% faster. Also increases Rest XP pool max size by 50% of your character's level cap. Dye: Mount:
Extra Commodity Exchange Orders: Adds an additional 10 by and 10 sell orders to the max allowed for the Commodity Exchange.

Cosmic Tier 3

3,000 Cosmic Points 6,000 Cosmic Points 9,000 Cosmic Points 12,000 Cosmic Points 152,000 Cosmic Points
Harvesting Boost: When gathering increases the chance of earning a bonus Harvesting reward by 10%. Costume: Dye: Pet: Mount:
Increased Reputation Gain: Increases Reputation gained from combat kills by 50%.

Cosmic Tier 4

11,200 Cosmic Points 22,400 Cosmic Points 33,600 Cosmic Points 44,800 Cosmic Points 56,000 Cosmic Points
Increased Challenge Points: Increases the points earned from Challenges by 25%. Pet: Dye: Loot Bag: Mount:

Cosmic Tier 5

14,000 Cosmic Points 28,000 Cosmic Points 42,000 Cosmic Points 56,000 Cosmic Points 70,000 Cosmic Points
Loot Bag: Loot Bag: Sky: OmniBit Drop Rate: Increases the amount of OmniBits awarded on drop by 1. Loot Bag:

Cosmic Tier 6

30,000 Cosmic Points 60,000 Cosmic Points 90,000 Cosmic Points 120,000 Cosmic Points 150,000 Cosmic Points
Sky: Dye: Loot Bag: Mount: House:

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