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Cubigs are heavily modified porcine species developed in the gene labs of the Protostar Corporation. Engineered for maximum docility, flavor, and weight, they have also been designed in a roughly cubical shape that alloows for easy stacking. Cubigs are a source of many fine Protostar food products, the most popular of which is Protostar Cubacon. Males are called cuboars, while females (which are much rarer, due to their origins in cloning facilities) are simply called cubig sows.

Cuboar Mutations

Scanbot data shows the rate of mutation in Protostar's genetically modified male cubigs has increased markedly since the creatures were brought to Nexus. Though intended to increase growth and metabolic rates, allowing for larger cuboars which reach maturity more quickly than before, the forced mutations have only half-worked. Though the size of the mutated cuboars has indeed increased and they do reach maturity much more quickly, they have also become extremely aggressive toward other life forms, even other cubigs.

Cubig Sows

Most cubigs are produced in Protostar cloning laboratories, and by default are usually male. In rare instances, a female cubig sow will emerge from the cloning process, only to be repurposed to create additional clone source material. On the planet Nexus, however, cubg sows appear in greater numbers, and many have escaped into the wild with cuboar mutants. There they have begun active wild breeding populations. The means Nexus is the only planet in the known universe where wild cubigs run free.