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Datacube Entry: Botanical Sentience

--Ohmna: Order of the Progenitors

I am very pleased with the progress that we have made on the Elderoot Initiative. It has long been known to us that plants of a certain age and size develop a primitive awareness of their surroundings, but we have amplified that awareness exponentially. Put simply, we are creating a sentient tree. What secrets will it reveal when at last it speaks?

Datacube Entry: Parasitic Threat

-- Nazrek: Order of the Progenitors

My exploration of this cave system has revealed a hive of voracious subterranean parasites, located in close proximity to the primary root system of the Elderoot Initiative's test subject. Although they do not currently pose a threat, in time it could become a very serious issue. We must carefully monitor these pests and exterminate them, if necessary.


This Datacube is located in the Blighted Tunnel behind the sealed door. You will need a scientist to open the door.

Datacube Entry: Energetic Organism

--Zarkonis: Order of the Makers

Creating sentience from primal life is an important aspect of the Elderoot Initiative. By constructing these primal infusers, I have been able to create a stable physiological matrix around an advanced power core, resulting in an organism that is created from pure energy. The success of this experiment bodes well for the larger goals of the Nexus Project.

Datacube Entry: Unexpected Mutation

--Ionis: Order of the Watchers

Although the Elderoot Initiative should be counted a resounding success, there have been unforeseen side effects. A large amount of excess primal energy is radiating from some of the tree's roots, resulting in small mutations of the subterranean wildlife. Over time, this situation could become increasingly worse.