Department of Public Works (Illium)

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PROJECT: Department of Public Works
Location: Illium
Path: Settler
Type: Project Project
Path XP: 25 XP
Disambig.png This article is about the Dominion mission. For the Exile mission, see Department of Public Works (Thayd).

PROJECT: Department of Public Works is a settler project mission located in Illium.


Location of the project.

Collect Illium Building Supplies to aid in the construction of public works

The citizens of Illium need all the civil amenities of home. Help gather building supplies, for the glory of the Dominion!


Good work, Settler. Illium will be twice as productive now, thanks to you.

Completing the project unlocks the daily mission More Power.


Settlers need to bring 50 "Illium Building Supplies" (Stack 5) to the Illium Construction Foreman.


The completed project

Completing the project unlock 2 boosters.

- "Peak of Good Living: Brains" (Increases outgoing healing by 5%)

- "Peak of Good Living: Brawn" (Increases damage dealt by 5%)

The player can only choose one of the 2 offered boosts that last 60 min.

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