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The Dreg are a race of nomadic humanoid scavengers who wander the wilds of Nexus. The result of inadvertent crossbreeding between the castoffs from early Eldan humanoid experiments, the Dreg display a variety of unusual and exaggerated mutations. After generations of isolation spent in the wastelands of Nexus, inbreeding has reduced the Dreg to savage creatures, but with some signs of remaining intelligence. They salvage discarded technology for their own primitive engineering projects, for example, including dangerous weaponry they use to prey on the weak and careless. They can most often be found raiding unsuspecting travelers and settlers, and sometimes capturing victims to drag back to their caravans for food.


"Dreg big uglies. Dreg big stupids. Dreg big meaning times! But Dreg sometimes have best shinies of all!

Best advice - don't try to trade. Don't try to make friendly times. Use Lopp stealth! Sneak in. Grab shinies. Sneak out!

Or better, get big-folk to do it for stupid money. Big-folk don't know best shinies. Think money just as good. Safer for Lopp. More fun for big-stupids! I mean big-folk."

-From Dealing with Dreg, an essay by Far-Trader Diki

Physical description

The Dreg are of roughly human proportions, but depending on the tribe, may carry a number of mutations. Some tribes may be bigger in size and shape than others, while some may have tough, leathery hides in the place of skin or less or more than the normal pair of eyes. Whatever the tribe, the Dreg prefer to keep their deformities to themselves, concealing their features with twisted rags, headgear, and layers of clothing.


Some varieties of Dreg are able to spread cellular mutation to other creatures, resulting in hybrid, misshapen monstrosities. Some particularly cunning Dreg, perhaps in honor of their own origins, train these horrors and even breed them with others in a crude parody of the Dreg's own creation.

Dreg genetics

Scans indicate the Dreg possess no singular, unique genetic profile. Instead, each individual appears to contain genetic material from several other distinct species. The divergent primal patterns contained within dreg specimens still carry a shared rate of genetic drift, however, indicating these patterns were artificially fused at the same time.