EXPANSION: Holochamber Haven

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EXPANSION: Holochamber Haven
Location: The Destiny
Path: Settler
Type: Expansion Expansion
Path XP: 25 XP

EXPANSION: Holochamber Haven is a settler expansion mission on The Destiny.


Build improvements in the Holochambers of The Destiny

The intent of the Holochambers is to separate the weak from the strong. Give you and your friends the upper hand by building improvements at the depot.


Settler depots

Icon Name Description Type Cost Duration
UI CRB Colonist.png Hologram Knockdown +1 Security TripleArcBatteries.png [Triple-Arc Batteries] x4 1 minute
UI CRB Colonist.png Run Boost +1 Quality of Life TripleArcBatteries.png [Triple-Arc Batteries] x6 2 minutes


Good work, Settler! Your actions have gone a long way to helping Dominion recruits prepare for Nexus.

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