EXPANSION: Tremor Ridge

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EXPANSION: Tremor Ridge
Location: Algoroc
Path: Settler
Type: Expansion Expansion
Path XP: 25 XP

EXPANSION: Tremor Ridge is a settler expansion mission in Algoroc.


The Pioneering League needs all Settlers in the area to help the locals

The folks of Tremor Ridge are tough, but they need the Pioneering League to help them get settled. Time to get to work.


Settler depots

Icon Name Description Type Cost Duration
Health regen 001.png Bountiful Feast Speeds up Health Regen by 50%. +24 Security CrysalusGem.png [Pulsating Power Crystal] x6 x12 ?? minutes
Resist physical 001.png Physical Resistance Enhancer Increases your resistance to physical attacks. +14 Security CrysalusGem.png [Pulsating Power Crystal] x2 x10 ?? minutes
Xp 001.png Experience Booster Increases experience gained by 10%. +12 Quality of Life CrysalusGem.png [Pulsating Power Crystal] x2 x8 ?? minutes
UI Item Sammich.png Grubb's Tavern Construct and stock the Tavern. +15 Quality of Life CrysalusGem.png [Pulsating Power Crystal] x3 x9 ?? minutes


Nice work, Settler. You helped the people of Tremor Ridge get back on their feet.

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