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The Eldan were a hyper-advanced race that ruled the planet Nexus long ago, creating wonders and treasures beyond imagining. Enigmatic and extremely secretive, their sudden disappearance more than a thousand years ago is a mystery that has yet to be solved - but now that their legendary homeworld has been found, both the Dominion and the Exiles are determined to claim their legacy.

Historical Influence

Historically, the Eldan's most well-known achievements are the creation of the human-Eldan hybrids known as Luminai, as well as the founding of the Dominion itself. Two millennia before Nexus was discovered, the Eldan offered the humans of Cassus great power and knowledge if they abandoned self-rule and swore to follow the guidance of the Mechari and the Luminai. The Cassians agreed - and accepted the first Luminai, Dominus the Half-Blood, as the first emperor of the Dominion.


For a millennium the Eldan guided Dominus and his descendants through the Mechari, until one day they cut off all contact and seemed to simply vanish. Not even the Mechari could discover what had happened to the Eldan. The Dominion continued on without them, but its leaders never stopped searching for their absent benefactors. As beings from all over the galaxy set a course for Nexus, little is yet known about the Eldan's fate. Even their physical appearance remains a mystery, though they presumably bear some resemblance to the Luminai. Still, the Eldan's technology and creations live on - sometimes in strange and unexpected ways - at diverse locations all across the planet.