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For in-game lore entries see the Everstar Grove entry in the Galactic Archives.
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Everstar Grove is a region on the continent Alizar. It is the first region Exiles encounter when leaving The Gambler's Ruin.

Locations of Interest[edit | edit source]

Greenleaf Glade[edit | edit source]

The landing point for Aurin characters, and those who made planetfall with Queen Myala Everstar. Hoogle statues are hidden away in a small corner, leading researchers to wonder who put them there.

Whisperwind Hollow[edit | edit source]

A manufacturing plant for Vitalus, the chemical the Mordesh require for continued lucidity and life. Mordesh players and those who boarded the ship with Dr. Lazarin and his daughter enter Everstar Grove through here.

The Arboretum[edit | edit source]

A mysterious Eldan facility dealing primarily with plant life, and their intelligence.

The Blighted Tunnel[edit | edit source]

Home of the Barkblight, a breed of Skug parasites who are terrorizing Elderroot.

Elderoot Refuge[edit | edit source]

A small settlement built around the roots of Elderoot. There, Victor Lazarin has built an espernetic interface to communicate with the ancient tree. Eldan ruins are scattered around the area.

Bloodbloom Vale[edit | edit source]

A secondary base for the Exiles. Here the residents prepare and train to attack Fort Firestorm.

Fort Firestorm[edit | edit source]

The base of a Dominion invasion into the Grove, with the primary objective of destroying Elderroot, thus denying the Exiles his information, and second to kill the Exiles residing therein.

A hive of Buzzbings resides nearby, though the giant bees seem to mind their own business, unless someone is foolish enough to step into their territory.

Everstar Passage[edit | edit source]

A portal to Celestion, to be used only in case of extreme emergencies like a total evacuation.

Adjacent Regions[edit | edit source]


Everstar Grove Celestion
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