False Retreat

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False Retreat
False Retreat
Instant multi-tap
25 sec cooldown
Range 15.0 m
Requires lvl 6
1st Press: Drop a marker at your position for 5.0s and leap backwards 15m.

2nd Press: Leap back to your marker, dealing 11 physical damage and Knock Down 5 foes within 8m. Destroys 1 Interrupt Armor.

Knockdown: Prevents any action, except Dash, for 2.0s.
Tier Upgrade:
+0 Damage, +0.1s Knockdown

Tier 4 Major Upgrade:
Cooldown is reduced by 3s, if the 2nd press is not used the cooldown is reduced to 10s.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade:
If you successfully interrupt a foe's spell cast there is a 50% that False retreats cooldown is reduced by 6s.