For the Glory of the Dominion

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For the Glory of the Dominion
Location: Everstar Grove
Part of: Everstar Grove Tasks
39 Copper

Find the corpse of a Chua inexplicably reaching for a glob of honey near some buzzbing hives in Bloodbloom Vale. After reviewing his datachron, you learn that one of the Dominion's commanding officers sent the unfortunate Chua to retrieve some honey for his afternoon tea.

Quest Text

This Chua's last act was to reach for a glob of buzzbing honey. Perhaps reviewing his datachron will shed light on what happened to him.
Click Response: Review the Chua's datachron

NPC Response

(spoken in a male Cassian voice) You will pay heed. I am a highborn lord. For the glory of the empire!
Malvolio Portius: This mission is time sensitive and of the utmost importance. Failure will not be tolerated.
Malvolio Portius: You will go to the front lines and acquire some honey from the local buzzbing hive. You must then deliver it to me in time for my afternoon tea.


Firestorm Scout can be found at coordinates 164, -3424.