Galeras Path Missions

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Path Missions

The following path missions are available in Galeras.


Settler Missions



Soldier Missions



Scientist Missions



Explorer Missions




Windmill Fun
Location - (4698, -2052)
We received your transmission. What a glorious view! It almost makes your forget there's a war going on.

High Henge Overlook
Location - (4615, -2893)
Well done, Explorer. The Union wants this entire planet mapped and explored, and having you makes our job a lot easier.

XAS Research Camp
Location - (5518, -2868)
Perfect. Now we can make an accurate map of the lands below. Well done, Explorer.

The Sandswept Pass
The Sandswept Pass in Gale Canyon can be a dangerous place for travelers. The Union wants to create an accurate map in order to keep people safe.
Location - (5445,-2619)
Well done. Travelers in the Sandswept Pass will be safer now that they have a map to show them its dangers.

Whimflower Watcher
The Whimflower Grove is an unsurveyed territory, and the Union wants to create a map. Find a good vantage point and deploy your transmitter.
Location - (6376, -2332)
good work, Explorer. Mapping out an entire planet is challenging, but with an explorer like you, we'll get it done.

Surveillance icon.png


Breezy Espionage
Location - (5115, -2947)
Nice work. The Black Hoods will use this information to protect the people of Galeras. You've saved lives today, Explorer.

Dominion Surveillance
Location - (5400, -3621)
Nice work, Explorer. Now the military can monitor Dominion activity. We might just win this war yet.

Murgh Assembly
FCON reports increased Murgh activity outside of Stormwing Fortress. Find a good place to set up a transmitter for surveillance.
Location - (6568, -2732)
FCON is reading your transponder loud and clear. Well done, Explorer. If the Murgh are preparing for war, we'll be ready.



The Ruined Farmhouse
Search the basement of the Ruined Farmhouse for any survivors. Be careful of what else you may find.
Entrance is a wooden door at (5308, -2103), which is in "Wrecked Winery."
Great work rescuing those people. Who knows how long those people would have gone on hiding? An Explorer's job is never done.

Down the Chua Hole
Entrance is a dug hole at (5086, -2421), which is in "Tempest Ridge."
Good work putting a stop to those Chua! They've been terrorizing the people of Galeras since this war began. Well done.

Crimson Legion Control Room
Entrance is a rock at (5488, -2928), which is in "Crimson Legion Ammo Dump."
Great work, Explorer. It's not easy infiltrating enemy lines, but the intel we gain from it is invaluable.

Operations icon.png


Eyes on the Osun
Find and activate the Camera Base Stations (x6) to keep the Osun under surveillance.
Location 1 - (5993, -1879)
Location 2 - (6058, -1790)
Location 3 - (6075, -1928) Note: very high off the ground.
Location 4 - (5942, -1984) on a pillar, accessed by an "odd rock" at (5961, -1970)
Location 5 - (5809, -1911)
Location 6 - (5802, -1810)
The Osun might find one of those cameras, but not all of them!

Scavenger Hunt icon.png

Scavenger Hunt

Fascinating Find
<Optional> Talk to Explorer Hailstone in Nibben's Ranch.
Piece 1: If I were you, I’d check the buzzbing honeycombs.
Location - (5207, -1879) Search the honey combs nearby.
Piece 2: Rumor has it that somethin’ is buried near a tree stump at the Wrecked Winery.
Location - (5283, –2061) Dig.
Piece 3: Them ravenok like to pick up bits of stuff for their nests. You try lookin’ there?
Location - (5015, –1874) Search the nest.
Great job locating all those pieces. I'm sure it wasn't easy, and more than a little dangerous. That's why we called you.

Unearthly Scavenge
<Optional> Talk to Rocky Moreland in Winding Ridge.
Piece 1: It looks as if that augmented critter is lookin’ for a place to bury that Eldan relic fragment.
Location - (4972, -3628) Kill any Augmented Gustclaws nearby to get a drop.
Piece 2: Not like those relic fragments are gonna fly off on their own right?
Location - (5045, -3789) Kill any Sickleswarm Bees nearby to get a drop.
Piece 3: Have you checked one of these rocky crevices? It’s as likely a place as any.
Location - (4855, –3779) Dig.
You're a real help, stranger. My dad's gonna flip when he sees this. Now he'll hafta let me join the Explorers Union.

Relic Research
<Optional> Talk to Explorer Britara in Camp Dustdevil.
Piece 1: One of the Darkspur Chompacabra may have swallowed a relic.
Location - (Coming Soon) Kill any Chompacabra nearby to get a drop
Piece 2: Check for a relic piece buried somewhere in the Gribbon canyons.
Location - (5518, –2919) Dig.
Piece 3: The Darkspur Cartel might have already secured a piece in a crate.
Location - (5697, –2955) Search the crates nearby.
Now that you have all the pieces, we can reconstruct the relic. What powers will it hold?

Windy Artifact
<Optional> Talk to Explorer Zitara in XAS Forward Camp
"One of those blasted dustdevils blew away pieces of this relic. Mind helpin' me locate the rest?"
Piece 1: I reckon the Thundercall Pell got one of them pieces.
Location - (5495, -2045) Kill any Pell nearby for the drop.
Piece 2: Might be possible one of those Gust Elementals swept up a piece.
Location - (5584, -1883) Kill any Elemental nearby for the drop.
Piece 3: Ya think a piece might might be buried near one of those large monuments?
Location - (5576, -1855) Dig.
Great work getting that relic back from the Pell. I'm certain it wasn't easy. Being an Explorer never is.

Exciting Excavation
<Optional> Talk to Explorer Wentworth in Skywatch.
"Mind helping out a fellow Explorer look for some Eldan relic pieces?"
Piece 1: It'll be a sticky situation to retrieve that piece.
Location - (6076, -2884) Dig among spider webs.
Piece 2: Between a rock and a hard place. Throw in some large flowers.
Location - (5964, -2707) Dig.
Piece 3: Some fuzzy creatures may have chomped on a piece.
Location - (5921, -2890) Kill any Chomper in the nearby for the drop.
Ugh, what are these pieces covered in!? You know what - never mind, I don't want to know. At least the relic is complete.

Tracking icon.png


None in this zone.
Staking Claim icon.png

Staking Claim

The Explorer's Union has been tasked with claiming Galeras for the Exiles. Get out there and plant the flag.
Location 01 - (4897, -2587) Growling Forest
Location 02 - (4757, -2591) Overrun Outpost
Location 03 - (4993, -1895) Nibben's Fields
Location 04 - (5097, -2678) Kendra's Roan Ranch
Location 05 - (4879, -3039) Crimson Base of Operations
Location 06 - (4639, –3079) Noxbane Prison Camp
Location 07 - (4750, –3371) Hidden Hills
Location 08 - (5350, -3472) Control Site: Focus of Air
Location 09 - (5563, –3065) Skywind Ruins
Location 10 - (5535, -2599) Sandswept Pass
Location 11 - (5596, -2011) Thundercall Village
Location 12 - (6285, -3193) Temple of Osiric
Location 13 - (6268, -2661) Mudraker Roost
Location 14 - (6626, -2688) Bloodlord's Roost
Location 15 - (5846, -1751) Kel Vishal
Location 16 - (6405, -2103) Feathersquall Ridge
The Exiles found this planet first, and the Explorers Union will make sure that we claim it.

Expedition icon.png


The Fields of Galeras extend far and wide. Explore Galeras and uncover its mysteries.
The expansiveness of Galeras hides such things as forests of giant flowers, a Dominion military base, a sandswept ravine, and a temple to the God, Osiric.