Gambler's Ruin, The

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The Exile arkship has been home to the human rebels for more than three centuries; so long that even many who lived their whole lives aboard her or one of the ships in the fleet she led forgot that the Gambler's Ruin was once a mighty Cassian warship called the Star of Dominus. Admiral Serrick Brightland's flagship during his short (but hugely significant) war against the Dominion, she took on thousands more passengers than ever expected, converting over time into something closer to a flying city than a sleep warship. Still, her corridors and systems reflect the same designs still in use by Cassian engineers today, and non-human species frequently note the similarity of Exile and Dominion ship interiors of human origin.

Walk her corridors with pride, for she is the beating heart of the fleet. Speak of her with respect, for she is your home. Treat her with compassion, for she is mother to us all. She is humble. She is strong. She will take us where we need to go. She is the Ruin, and long may she run.

--Inscribed dedication plaque on the bridge of the Gambler's Ruin

Orbital Coordinates

The specific coordinates of the Gambler's Ruin have always been a tightly controlled secret, now more than ever since she shares an orbit with the dominion's own arkship Destiny. Both ships employ sensor screens and cloaking shields as much as possible to hide their presence and prevent potentially catastrophic sneak attacks, but the RUin also makes frequent micro jumps to stay on the move.