Garden Tier 2 FABkit

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Garden Tier 2 FABkit
Garden Tier 2 FABkit
Required Level: 20
A component required to build a Garden Tier 2 on your land.

Sell for: 19 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 10 UI CRB Coin Copper.png

Garden Tier 2 FABkit is a FABkit. It is used to build a Garden Tier 2 on player housing.


Garden Tier 2 FABkit can be crafted by apprentice architects.

  • [[{{#show:Goldleaf|?has image|link=none}}|18px|text-bottom|link=Goldleaf]] [Goldleaf] x3
  • [[{{#show:Accelerated Omni-Plasm|?has image|link=none}}|18px|text-bottom|link=Accelerated Omni-Plasm]] [Accelerated Omni-Plasm] x3
  • [[{{#show:Titanium Chunk|?has image|link=none}}|18px|text-bottom|link=Titanium Chunk]] [Titanium Chunk] x3
  • [[{{#show:Ironbark Wood|?has image|link=none}}|18px|text-bottom|link=Ironbark Wood]] [Ironbark Wood] x3


The schematic for Garden Tier 2 FABkit is unlocked by crafting 3 Windows large.png [Dark Keyhole Window (Flowers)], 5 Fences.png [Chain Link Security Fence], 3 Hologram Emitter.png [Stonebrick Lopp Fireplace], and 6 , FalkrinInsignia.png [Murgh Totem], TechTotem.png [Strange Pell Totem], or MoodieTablet.png [Wicked Fire Totem].