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The Grumpel are a curious and friendly starfaring race, whose unusual physiology endow them with a passion for gossip. Grumpel do not merely enjoy gossip as a social pastime; when interacting with other species, they are able to empathically receive the thrilling sensations associated with gossip, which in turn gives rise to their own sense of pleasure and enjoyment. As a result, Grumpel culture has evolved around the collection of gossip and the stimulation it provides. Every day, more and more Grumpel venture away from their homeworld in search of ever more sensational news.

Physical description

Grumpel have soft, round bodies with short, thick legs and stubby appendages. Their rounded faces have no discernible nose, while their eyes are small, set in protuberant eye sockets. Several brightly-tipped filaments, which are actually very sensitive receptor organs, grow from the tops of their heads. These receptors are what enable Grumpel to communicate empathically with one another, as well as experience the thrill of gossip vicariously when interacting with a non-Grumpel species. Males and females are difficult for non-Grumpel to tell apart, as they share the same rounded features.