Hoverboard (Strain)

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Hoverboard (Strain)
Hoverboard (Strain)
Hoverboard Mounts
Item Level: 3
Required Level: 1
Bind on pickup
Use: Unlock Hoverboard (Phageform): Adds the Hoverboard (Phageform) to your mount list.
Requires 32000 reputation with Guardians of the Grove.

Buy for: 10 UI CRB Coin Platinum.png
Sell for: 1 UI CRB Coin Copper.png

Hoverboard (Strain) is a hoverboard mount.


Hoverboard (Strain) is purchased from Importer Gideon in Thayd or Importer Hermian in Illium for 10 UI CRB Coin Platinum.png.


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