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Most notably founded the Vigilant Church in 1376 AE with the Vigilant Declaration and brought order back into the empire. He also put into place the laws of the Ancestral Decree to systematically preserve the Eldan bloodlines in the Luminai through selective breeding. This also made Eldan blood a significant difference between the highborn and the lowborn, causing a divide from the two. In 1378 AE, the divide grows so great that the Cassian Civil War occurs and Serrick Brightland escapes forming the Exiles. Even though a number of radical changes within the structure of the Dominion and the civil war, Jarec had a positive ruling of the Dominion Empire. Unfortunately his reign was cut short by being poisoned in his sleep. He did not have any children to succeed him. It is said that all of Cassus mourned the passing of Jarec with just his funeral procession numbering well in the thousands.