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There are rare cases when an Exile community is unable to solve a difficult internal situation, and in those cases they will call for a judge. Although not governed by any established law, a judge is expected to assess the situation in light of how the particular community operates, pass judgement, and then taken action - usually by meeting out punishment of Exile criminals. Although most judges are considered both fair and wise, their administration of justice is often swift and brutal.


Becoming a judge is instead ongoing process that includes gaining the trust of local communities over a number of years. Most judges are nomadic, staying on the move, maintaining their objecctivity through limited contact with any one community. A judge will often travel with a number of justices, less experienced individuals who are aspiring to become judges themselves. In Exile territories, it is not uncommon to encounter a wandering judge awaiting the call of his service

Court of Judgement

The Judges are chosen and trained in the Court of Judgement on board the Gambler's Ruin, where resides the High Court that hears important cases that local judges are unable to resolve. There, High Judge Kallen Blackwood presides over all such cases, and is considered the de facto leader of the group.