List of 1x1 Housing plots

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Name Faction Level Description Cost
BBQ Pit Use the cooking Grill to prepare food for your friends or feed yourself. 1 UI CRB Coin Gold.png 44 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 70 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
Garden Tier 1 Got some seeds to plant, do you? This basic garden gives you a handful of places to try out your farmer skills. 1 UI CRB Coin Gold.png
Crafting Kiosk Finally! With this crafting table on your property, you can work in peace and quiet... 1 UI CRB Coin Gold.png
Bone Pit 37+ Place this plug to attempt the "That's the Spirit" challenge. Bone Pit FABKit
Anti-Air Defense Tower 45+ Place this plug to attempt the "Steamglider Flurry" challenge. Anti-Air Defense Tower FABkit
Cubig Feeder 17+ Place this plug to attempt the "When Cubigs Fly" challenge. Cubig Feeder FABkit
Cute Date Spot 24+ An extra special place to bring your date. Cute Date Spot FABkit
Darkspur Floor Piano 50+ Make your own music with this Darkspur Piano. Darkspur Floor Piano FABkit
Datascape Raid Portal 50+ A portal that will teleport you and your buddies directly to Datascape! Datascape Raid Portal FABkit
Dominion Helicopter Pad Dominion Only 47+ Pilot your very own Dominion chopper!
Dominion Hologram Dominion Only 20+ Use the Hologram to create a shrine to your greatness. [Dominion Hologram FABkit]
Eldan Statue 50+ The Eldan were masters of various forces of the universe. This particular relic grants you special buffs. Eldan Statue FABkit
Exile Helicopter Pad Exiles Only 47+ Pilot your very own Exile chopper! Exile Helicopter Pad FABkit
Exile Hologram Exiles only 20+ Use the Hologram to create a shrine to your greatness. Exile Hologram FABkit
EXPEDITION: Abandoned Eldan Test Lab 30+ The Abandoned Eldan Test Lab is a scalable dungeon for 1 to 5 players of any level. Expedition: Abandoned Eldan Test Lab FABkit
EXPEDITION: Creepy Cave 50+ The Creepy Cave is a scalable dungeon for 1 to 5 players of any level. Expedition: Creepy Cave FABkit
EXPEDITION: Kel Voreth Underforge 20+ The Kel Voreth Underforge is a small, scalable dungeon for 1 to 5 players of any level. Expedition: Kel Voreth Underforge FABkit
EXPEDITION: Mayday 40+ Mayday is a scalable dungeon for 1 to 5 players of any level. Expedition: Mayday FABkit
Festival Tier 1 Partake in food and drink at your very own festival. FAB Kit.png [Festival Tier 1 FABkit]
Firework Launcher 30+ An assortment of firework launchers for your property. Fireworks FABkit
Flower Garden A quaint garden of flowers. Flower Garden FABkit
Flying Saucer 31+ Place this plug to attempt the "Intercept the Ikthians" challenge. Flying Saucer FABkit
Granok Trailer 26+ Always wanted your own Granok squatter? Here he is, complete with his grungy trailer! Granok Trailer FABkit
Hedge Maze This arrangement of hedges used to provide simple amusement before gnawing jabbits almost ate the hedges into extinction.

Gives the "Hedge Defender" hidden achievement upon killing the Gnawing Jabbit that spawns with the maze.

Hedge Maze FABkit
Hot Springs 16+ Enjoy a relaxing dip in the hot springs. Hot Springs FABkit
Kiddie Pool Keep cool on Nexus with your very own kiddie pool. Kiddie Pool FABkit
Low-Grav Pad 35+ Simulate low-gravity and blast off into the sky with your own, personal low-grav pad. Wheeee! Low-Grav Pad FABkit
Medical Station 18+ A decorative medical station where you can play surgeon. Medical Station FABkit
Meteor Crater A crater caused by a large falling meteor. Meteor Crater FABkit
Mineral Deposit Tier 1 As a miner, you can harvest low-level ores here without competition. This plot will cease to function when your land lease expires.

Harvest (Limit 1)
1 UI CRB Coin Gold.png
Outhouse No more waiting in line at the local Protostar Foodmart! Now feel free to defecate on your very own property! Outhouse FABkit
Power Generator 34+ This power generator could easily power any number of defensive cannons! Large Power Generator FABkit
Relic Excavation Tier 1 This excavation site offers various low level relics and omniplasm. Relic Hunters should get busy while the land lease lasts.

Harvest (Limit 1)
1 UI CRB Coin Gold.png
Science Lab 41+ An elaborate lab...for science. Science Lab FABkit
Silo A towering silo used for storing grain and feed. Silo FABkit
Storage Unit 50+ Thanks to Protostar, you can now have your very own private storage facility on your property! Storage Unit FABkit
Super Weapon Test Zone 25+ Warning: Radioactiviey present in this area! Super Weapon Test Zone FABkit
Thicket Tier 1 A Survivalist's dream come true, you will have a guaranteed source of harvested materials at your own home while your land lease is active.

Harvest (Limit 1)
1 UI CRB Coin Gold.png
Tiki Lounge 50+ Your very own (floating) island getaway! Tiki Lounge FABkit
Training Grounds 15+ Practice your combat moves and hone your style on a helpless target dummy. Training Grounds FABkit
Vacant Lot A vacant lot that allows free placement of decor. 43 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 70 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
Vending Machine A vending machine that sells various snacks and medicines. Vending Machine FABkit
Warhorn 23+ A towering, decorative Warhorn. Warhorn FABkit
Water Tower A tall, decorative water tower. Water Tower FABkit
Water Well A decorative well for your land. Water Well FABkit
Weather Control Station 42+ Place this plug to attempt the "Grounding the Storm" challenge. Weather Control Station FABkit
Whirlwind (housing) Place this plug to attempt the "Rider on the Storm" challenge. Whirlwind FABkit
Windmill 19+ What a quaint windmill. It's really more for show than it is useful though, isn't it? Windmill FABkit
Wishing Well 30+ This Wishing Well is guaranteed to grant wishes! Wishing Well FABkit
Zen Pond 36+ Enjoy the distilled relaxation of your own personal pond! Zen Pond FABkit
Festival Tier 2 Invite your friends to share in your bounty!
Thicket Tier 2 20+ Collect higher tiers of materials as a Survivalist here. Just remember to get what you can before your land lease is up!
Thicket Tier 4 40+ Your inner Survivalist can find the highest tier of harvested materials here. Make sure you collect what you can before your land lease expires.
Thicket Tier 3 30+ Survivalists will find higher tiers of goods here while the land lease is active. There is almost no upgrade better than this one! FAB Kit.png [Thicket Tier 3 FABkit]
Festival Tier 3 25+ This large festival will impress your friends (and fans)! FAB Kit.png [Festival Tier 3 FABkit]
Festival Tier 4 33+ Time to bring out the champagne and lobster. NOW we're getting fancy! FAB Kit.png [Festival Tier 4 FABkit]
Festival Tier 5 43 This extravagant affair will attract the highest of society!
Festival Tier 6 50 Your property will be THE party place! FAB Kit.png [Festival Tier 6 FABkit]
Mineral Deposit Tier 2 20+ This mineral field has better ore. Mine these at your own leisure before your land lease is up. FAB Kit.png [Mineral Deposit Tier 2 FABkit]
Mineral Deposit Tier 3 30+ You'll want to mine whatever you can find in this field before you land lease expires! Miners all over would be jealous of the ores you can collect here. FAB Kit.png [Mineral Deposit Tier 3 FABkit]
Mineral Deposit Tier 4 ??
Relic Excavation Tier 2 20+ This upgrade offers higher tiers of omni-plasm and relics. No need to worry about competition from Relic Hunters here, but harvest what you can while your land lease is active. FAB Kit.png [Relic Excavation Tier 2 FABkit]
Relic Excavation Tier 3 30+ FAB Kit.png [Relic Excavation Tier 3 FABkit]
Relic Excavation Tier 4 40+
Garden Tier 4 40+ This is the ultimate garden that every farmer aspires to own. What will you plant and grow here? FAB Kit.png [Garden Tier 4 FABkit]
Garden Tier 3 30+ Even more useful than the previous garden. Farmers may even find it difficult to manage so many plants at once. FAB Kit.png [Garden Tier 3 FABkit]
Garden Tier 2 20+ Thjis upgrade has more places to plant some seeds. Give your inner farmer a place to grow! FAB Kit.png [Garden Tier 2 FABkit]
Elite Garden ?? FAB Kit.png [Elite Garden FABkit]