List of Algoroc settler missions

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Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Exile Cache CACHE: Gallow Recover stolen Pioneering League Supplies from Gallow criminals UI Item Bag 001.png [Algoroc Construction Materials]
Cache CACHE: Tremor Ridge Locate a hidden stash of Settler Resources
Cache CACHE: XAS Datachrons Find datachrons for the XAS
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Crime and Punishment Help Gallow residents suppress criminality
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Pioneers and Prospectors Assist the Exiles by helping Tremor RIdge, Coldwater Gulch, and Pikefall
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: XAS Troubles Help stabilize the situation in the XAS Excavation Base Camp
Expansion EXPANSION: Gallow Help the Pioneering League respond to the situation in Gallow
Expansion EXPANSION: Tremor Ridge The Pioneering League needs all Settlers in the area to help the locals
Expansion EXPANSION: XAS Dig Site Build up the XAS Excavation Base Camp
Project PROJECT: Gallow Prison Scare local criminals by collecting evidence and building Gallow Prison
Project PROJECT: Tremor Ridge Marketplace Find Pioneer League Supplies for construction of the marketplace
Project PROJECT: XAS Field Lab Collect Eldan Relics from XAS personnel for the field lab construction
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Canimid Carnage
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Grisly Gallow Take the job on the Gallow Bounty Board and slay the alpha dagun with a posse
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Tremor Ridge Terror