List of Deradune scientist missions

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Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Dominion Analysis ANALYSIS: Terminite Mutations Learn about the Terminites inhabiting Deradune UI Item Bag 001.png [Deradune Research Materials]
Biology BIOLOGY: Deadwind Moodies Scan Deadwind Moodies in Deadwind Hollow
Biology BIOLOGY: Falkrin and Primal Air Scan Bloodtalon Windweavers in Bloodtalon Perch
Biology BIOLOGY: Gnarlfoot Razortail Scan Gnarlfoot Razortails on Bloodfire Savannah
Biology BIOLOGY: Oozing Sludgeons Scan Oozing Sludgeons
Biology BIOLOGY: The Risen Dead Scan Risen Draken, Girrok, and Moodies on Witchwake Ridge
Botany BOTANY: Bloodfire Sawgrass Scan Bloodfire Sawgrass along the shore of the Ungala River
Botany BOTANY: Cinderbloom Scan Cinderbloom plants on Firewalker Savannah
Botany BOTANY: Grove Strangler Scan Grove Stranglers in Wildwood Grove
Botany BOTANY: Supersized Flora Investigate the flora of Owanee Basin
Chemistry CHEMISTRY: Accelerite Crystals Scan Accelerite Crystals in Jagged Rock Cove
Datacube Decryption DATACUBE DECRYPTION: Deradune Find all the Eldan Datacubes in Deradune
Diagnostics DIAGNOSTICS: Feralplain Testing Range Security Checkpoints Scan malfunctioning Security Checkpoints in Feralplain Testing Range
Experimentation EXPERIMENTATION: Botanical Engineering Locate the Botanical Gene Splicer within the Feralplain Collective of Deradune