List of Ellevar explorer missions

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Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Dominion Cartography CARTOGRAPHY: Clearing the Lines Search for a location for a beacon to secure the communications link with Illium UI Item Bag 001.png [Ellevar Survival Kit]
Cartography CARTOGRAPHY: Crumbled Glory Head into southern Ellevar and transmit the location of any Eldan ruins you find
Cartography CARTOGRAPHY: Waterstair Place an Excavationbot to drill for Primal Water in the Larallen Highlands
Expedition EXPEDITION: Ellevar Explore all of Ellevar
Exploration EXPLORATION: Hidden History Search for a hidden cave network on the shores of Lake Larallen
Operations OPERATIONS: Shrine of the Masters Examine Logic Consoles at the Shrine of the Masters
Scavenger Hunt SCAVENGER HUNT: Explosive Exploration Find the components of Science Officer Wingo's lost bomb
Scavenger Hunt SCAVENGER HUNT: The Shiniest Shinies Help Treasure Hunter Figli recover some shinies buried in northern Ellevar.
Staking Claim STAKING CLAIM: Ellevar Scout the waterlogged wilds of Ellevar for the Dominion
Surveillance SURVEILLANCE: Bouncing the Signal Deploy a transponder atop the Copperworth Village watertower
Tracking TRACKING: Primal Mutation Follow the primal energy-infused fish through Lake Larallen
Tracking TRACKING: They Call Him The Lopp Stay with the Shiny Fevered Lopp and collect any shinies it leaves behind.