List of Engineer Utility abilities

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Icon Name Unlock Description
Zap.png Zap 3 Deal 20 physical damage and apply a Stun to 5 foes.

Stun: Prevents any action for 2.5s. Destroys 1 Interrupt Armor.
Urgent Withdrawal.png Urgent Withdrawal 7 Deal 9 physical damage to 5 foes, apply a Snare, and propel yourself backwards 8m.

Snare: Reduces Movement Speed by 30% for 4s. Stacks up to 2 times.
Diminisher Bot.png Diminisherbot 22 Create a Diminisherbot that deals 10 technology damage every 2s to 1 foe. While active, you gain access to Strobe.

[Bot Ability] Strobe: Deals 7 technology damage to 5 foes every 1s for 4s and creates a 10m field that applies Snare to all foes within it.

Snare: Reduces Movement Speed by 45%.

Two bots can be active at one time.
Recursive Matrix.png Recursive Matrix 20 Create a 20m field around you, lasting 10s. Allies inside the field receive a Defense and a Stalwart.

Defense: Increases Deflect Chance by 5%.
Stalwart: Increases CC Resilience by 20%.
Shatter Impairment.png Shatter Impairment 18 Remove all CC effects and grant yourself 77 absorb for 10s.
Repair Bot.png Repairbot 16 (AMPs) Create a Repairbot that deals 12 technology damage to 1 foe and restores 14 shield to you every 3s. While active, you gain access to Shield Boost.

[Bot Ability] Shield Boost: Command the Repairbot to return to you and restores 18 shield to 5 allies within 10m every 1s for 4s.

Two bots can be active at one time.
Volatile Injection.png Volatile Injection 5 Generate 5 Volatility every 1s for 10s and grant an Empower and Defense to yourself and 19 party members for 10s.

Empower: Increases Multi-Hit Severity by 8%.

Defense: Increases Glance Chance by 8%.
Code Red.png Code Red 14 Taunt 10 foes and apply a buff to 2 nearby allies causing 25% of the threat they generate to be transferred to you for the next 6s.

Taunt: Reduces Damage Dealt, to all targets except Taunter, by 25% for 6s. NPCs are forced to attack Taunter.
Personal Defense Unit.png Personal Defense Unit 10 Gain a Defense for 5s and on expiration gain 125 Absorb for 5s.

Defense: Decreases Damage Taken by 26%.
Obstruct Vision.png Obstruct Vision 10 Deal 22 physical damage and Blind 5 foes.

Blind: Hinders vision and increases chance to be Deflected by 20% for 3.75s. Destroys 1 Interrupt Armor.