List of Galeras settler missions

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Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Exile Supply Cache CACHE: Lost Munitions FCON will reward the League for any munitions we can recover
Supply Cache CACHE: Wind Scattered Find Pioneering League supplies (build scaffolding to reach high areas)
Supply Cache CACHE: Supply Raid
Supply Cache CACHE: Salvage Operation
Civil Defense CIVIL SERVICE: Combat Engineer Support civilian and military interests in and around the Windswept Front
Civil Defense CIVIL SERVICE: Dust in the Wind
Civil Defense CIVIL SERVICE: Winds of Change
Civil Defense CIVIL SERVICE: Conscription
Expansion EXPANSION: Gale Canyon Assist the XAS by building improvements in Gale Canyon
Expansion EXPANSION: Windswept Front
Expansion EXPANSION: Northwest Galeras
Expansion EXPANSION: Skywatch
Infastructure PROJECT: Supply Teleporter
Infastructure PROJECT: Medical Station
Infastructure PROJECT: Oakby Farm
Infastructure PROJECT: Tempest Tech Station Collect Temptest Tech scraps for construction of a tech station
Infastructure PUBLIC SAFETY: Big and Bad
Infastructure PUBLIC SAFETY: Coast Guard
Infastructure PUBLIC SAFETY: Ravenous Ravenok
Infastructure PUBLIC SAFETY: Raging Beast