List of Malgrave Dominion settler missions

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Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Dominion Cache CACHE: Tales of the Golden Lopp Exchange shiny statues for Settler supplies UI Item Bag 001.png [Malgrave Construction Materials]
Cache CACHE: Market Research Earn settler resources working for Protostar
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Fort Dominus Aid Dominion efforts in southern Malgrave
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Northern Malgrave Aid Dominion efforts in northern Malgrave
Expansion EXPANSION: Area 77 Improve the state of Area 77 and its surroundings
Expansion EXPANSION: Shinysand Oasis Improve the state of Shinysand Oasis and its surroundings
Project PROJECT: Auxiliary Power Help construct a backup power source for the Hellrose Bowl
Project PROJECT: Paranormal Research Collect Ecto-Analyzers for Builder Salvitza
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Mecha-Arachnoid Visit the Bounty Board and gather a force and put down Spidertron
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Turn Undead Visit the Bounty Board, gather a party and dispatch the horrific girrok