List of Whitevale Dominion scientist missions

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Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Dominion Biology ANALYSIS: Augmented Monstrosities Scan the two Augmented Creatures behind force fields in the Ascendancy camp
Biology BIOLOGY: Aggressive Icetails Scan the aggressive Icetails in Murmurwood Forest
Biology BIOLOGY: Frost-Striped Pumera Scan any of the Frost-Striped Pumera in Murmurwood Forest or Palerock Wilds
Biology BIOLOGY: Lopp Treasure Hunters Scan the Lopp Treasure Hunters outside Wigalli Village
Biology BIOLOGY: Rootbrute Icecrackers Scan the Rootbrute Icecrackers
Biology BIOLOGY: Silversnout Girrok Scan any of the Silversnouts in northern Whitevale
Biology BIOLOGY: Territorial Icebay Shellark Scan the Territorial Icebay Shellark in the waters southwest of Palerock Post
Biology BIOLOGY: Tundra Jabbit Scan the Tundra Jabbits in Murmurwood Forest and Palerock Wilds
Scientist SpecimenSurvey.png SPECIMEN SURVEY: Squirg Zombies Scan the biggest Squirg Zombies
Datacube Decryption DATACUBE DECRYPTION: Whitevale Find all the Eldan Datacubes in Whitevale

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