List of Whitevale Dominion settler missions

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Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Dominion Cache CACHE: Palerock Wilds Locate hidden Supplies for the Authority and pacify any resistance UI Item Bag 001.png [Whitevale Construction Materials]
Cache CACHE: Silverscale Station Place Nano-Siphons near the Ikthian primal water reservoirs
Cache CACHE: Wigwalli Assistance Obtain resources from Lopp Far-Trader caravans
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Palerock Pacification Assert Dominion control over Palerock Post and its surroundings
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: South Whitevale Aid Protostar efforts and increase Dominion rule in Southern Whitevale
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Squirg Outbreak Deal with the Squirg outbreak and Exile forces massing in the area
Expansion EXPANSION: Central Whitevale Improve Dominion influence by settling Central Whitevale
Expansion EXPANSION: Southern Whitevale Improve Prosperity Junction and the wilderness of Southern Whitevale
Expansion EXPANSION: Western Whitevale Improve Palerock Post and the wilderness of Western Whitevale
Project PROJECT: Protostar Express! Collect Circuits for the Protostar Express construction in Prosperity Junction
Project PROJECT: Wigwalli Outer Shrine Collect Spare Wood for the Roughwhite Wilds Lopp shrine
Project PROJECT: Sniper Tower Collect Metal Pipes for the Palerock Wilds sniper tower construction
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Blasted Fields Visit the Bounty Board, gather a posse, and take down the Exile Warbot
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Palerock Visit the Bounty Board, gather a coterie, and remove Traggis the Colossus
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Yeti Situation Visit the Bounty Board, gather a coterie and destroy the Crazed Zubblehead