List of Wilderrun Dominion settler missions

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Faction Type Mission Name Description Zone completion rewards
Dominion Cache CACHE: Honored Dead Mark locations of Downed Pilots and remove compromising intel from them
Cache CACHE: Missing Lopp Extract the near-maniacal, shiny-searching Lopp from hazardous situations
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: The Jungle Bring fire and the sword to this Scion-forsaken jungle
Civil Service CIVIL SERVICE: Northern Wilderrun Improve the state of each settlement in Northern Wilderrun
Expansion EXPANSION: Northern Wilderrun Improve the amenities available to the Dominion in Northern Wilderrun
Expansion EXPANSION: Southern Wilderrun Work out of Fort Vigilance and aid Dominion efforts to tame the jungle
Project PROJECT: Special Forces Training Collect Construction Materials for building a jungle-warfare training facility
Project PROJECT: Torine Trading Post Bring Lumber to the Torine Builder for construction of an Outpost
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: In the Jungle, It Waits Visit or build the Bounty Board at the Outer Marker, gather a coterie, and kill the beast
Public Safety PUBLIC SAFETY: Osun Elimination Visit the Bounty Board, gather forces, and eliminate Beastlord Renkel