Mixing Mayhem

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Mixing Mayhem
Location: Shade's Eve (Illium)
Part of: Shade's Eve tasks
Level: 12 (1)
Start: Bloodshaman Zaari
End: Bloodshaman Zaari
1 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 21 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
5 Shade Silver

Mixing Mayhem is a Dominion Shade's Eve quest. It is obtained in Illium by speaking with Bloodshaman Zaari in the Parade Grounds.


Bloodshaman Zaari is studying historical drinks popular during Shade's Eve. She's asked you to help her gather nightwidow extract, succulent spiderlings, and potent ichor buds around Illium so she can test them out for future use in holiday beverages.


More info

What ingredients do you need?
Nightwidow extract, succulent spiderlings, and potent ichor buds. With your reputation, finding these ingredients should be a simple task for you.

That stuff sounds horrible.
You certainly are squeamish, aren't you? It all serves a purpose. I need a pinch of the ichor for texture, the nightwidow extract for a strong and bitter flavor, and the spiderling venom sacks will add some kick.

Uh... kick?
It wouldn't be a drink deserving of Shade's Eve if it didn't have a surprise or two.

Where do I find this stuff?
Supplies of the extract are regularly delivered to the graveyard near the spaceport. The ichor buds grow near sources of light, and the spiderlings scurry about near walls and foliage.

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