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The Mordesh were once an elegant, blossoming civilization that had been on the verge of joining the Dominion because of their great achievements in alchemy. However, when their Everlife elixir turned into the raving infection known as the Contagion, the Dominion turned on the Mordesh and trapped them on their planet with a quarantine blockade. The survivors sought the aid of the rebel humans and with their help, successfully smuggled many operatives and civilians out from Grismara. On Nexus they continue to serve as the eyes and ears of the Exiles, unleashing their dark and deadly arts upon the Dominion even as they scour Nexus for a cure to save their remaining brethren on Grismara.

Vitalus Serum

A blue-green substance which can be seen in the translucent artificial portions of a Mordesh body, the Vitalus serum can filter the Contagion enough to keep it from being truly contagious. It was created by Victor Lazarin, the same Mordesh alchemist whose "Everlife Elixir" mutated into the Contagion. It is not a cure, however, it merely treats the symptoms. If a Mordesh loses his Vitalus and does not have it replaced within ten to twenty minutes, the Contagion may take over, causing them to succumb to the disease and become one of the cannibalistic Ravenous. Most Mordesh maintain and replace their Vitalus supplies as part of their daily routine.

Mordesh Machinery

The Mordesh employ autonomous programming in certain technologies that can be of use during a Contagion outbreak, on the reasoning that the Mordesh - if Ravenous - would not be able to contain the outbreak themselves. Such technology as weapon turrets, med-stations, and sonic projectors capable of disorienting targets all contain such autonomous circuits. If these circuits are damaged or fail, simple diagnostic scans such as those performed by a scanbot can trigger self-repair sequences and get the equipment working again.

Ravenous Bio-Samples

Scans of biological samples taken from deceased Ravenous Mordesh show that the prevalence of primal life in the Celestion area does have a mild ameliorative effect on the severity of the disease. This ambient energy is not enough to reverse the process, but does show that in high concentrations primal life could slow or even halt the Contagion's progress.