Mysteries of the Eldan (Dominion)

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Mysteries of the Eldan (Dominion)
Location: The Destiny
Part of: The Conquest of Nexus
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Quest Progression
Previous: Embarkation
Next: Called to Stormcaller Landing
Disambig.png This article is about the Dominion quest. For the Exile quest, see Mysteries of the Eldan (Exile).

Mysteries of the Eldan is a Dominion quest. It is obtained on The Destiny by speaking with Axis Pheydra in the Departures Terminal.


Before you leave for Nexus, Axis Pheydra has asked you to speak with Chancellor Juro Takigurian's hologram in the Destiny's Departures Terminal for your first briefing on the mysteries of your new home.


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Episode progression

  1. Embarkation
  2. Mysteries of the Eldan (Optional)
  3. Called to Stormcaller Landing