New Imperial Museum of Illium

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The proud citizens of the Dominion store many of the most intriguing and mysterious objects discovered on Nexus in the famed Hall of Relics, a combination museum and research center in the capital city of Illium. Many of the relics found there were discovered by celebrity explorer Artemis Zin, while others were donated by her Exploration Society associates.

Welcome to the New Imperial Museum of Illium, a collection of rare and exquisite artifacts discovered on the planet Nexus. NIMOI has been funded largely via a generous donation from the House of Zin Foundation and Charitable Institute. NIMOI has been provided artifacts and relics largely via myself. Try not to break anything, darlings, but do look around. It might just inspire as much as I do!

--Holo-Greeting from Lady Zin

Stormseeker Tech-Tome

This Pell relic is engraved with ancient symbols that appear to be Eldan in origin. Inside, many of the pages include carefully transcribed technical schematics of Eldan technology - although it is obvious that the pictures hold more religious meaning to the Pell than they do practical working knowledge. This volume is extremely old, and seems to have been carefully transcribed from an even more ancient source.

One has to wonder what in blazes happened to the Pell over the last few thousand years. They were clearly once far more advanced than they are now. This tech-tome proves it. That they even understand a fraction of what is contained herein - and they must - means they once may have understood it all. The question is - did the Eldan reduce them to the state in which we find them, or did the Eldan's disappearance do that?

--Artemis Zin