Out on a Whim

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Out on a Whim
Location: Galeras
Part of: Galeras tasks
2 Silver 22 Copper
113 OPERATION: Galeras Reputation

Sera Melfield in Thayd has asked you to collect flying whimfibers for her by leaping through them. Once you collect enough of them, you are to contact her with your whimfiber data.


 •  Jump through flying Whimfibers to collect them.

More info

What's a whimfiber?
It's a fiber produced by the whimwood tree. The behavior of whimfibers, especially in this gusty landscape, is really quite interesting!

Why can't you collect it yourself?
Oh, I wish I could! The XAS stationed me here in Thayd, and I can't leave until my assignment is complete. It's so boring here!