Patch 02/24/2016

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Patch 02/24/2016
Release Date (US) 24 February 2016
API Version 11
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Patch 02/10/2016 Patch 03/16/2016


  • Signature players will now have a 200% increased weekly Omnibit limit.
  • Signature players will now receive a 200% increase to the number of Omnibits dropped from random drops.




  • Tactician
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Tactician from re-applying after jumping.



  • Updated taxi info in several quests.


  • PvP flagged players will receive a minimum of 1 prestige when killing a creature in the open world that grants XP.
  • Open World - Flagging for PvP and gaining experience from kills in the open world will also grant some Prestige and money.
  • A tutorial has been added explaining the new bonuses for flagging yourself for PvP.


World Bosses


  • Completing the Boxing Gym challenge will now provide a chance to receive the Kitchen Sink and Arched Aurin Bridge decor



Runes and Rune Sets

  • Modifying the number of rune slots or element of runes on an item no longer causes it to bind to the player.

User Interface


Content Finder

  • Fixed an error that occurred when queuing as a Mercenary for Warplots.

Context Menu

  • The option to turn your PvP flag off is now disabled while you are in Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Warplots.


  • The string "Test Test" will no longer appear in floating text when move to cast or move to activate occurs.

Holo Wardrobe

  • Fixed an error that occurred when opening the Holo-Wardrobe while no costume was equipped.

Objective Tracker

  • Fixed an issue that caused some quests to disappear from the Quest Tracker when changing zones.
  • Fixed an issues that prevented Unlocked and Repeatable Challenges from being filtered when the option was set.


  • The "Press and hold key rather than double-tapping" and "Hold down a key to continuously cast an ability" options are now enabled by default.

Target Frame

  • Players that are PvP flagged now have an icon on their target frame. The countdown timer when PvP is turned off is now in the icon's tooltip.